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My first music video attempt
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Pod casts and Radio show streams (links open in a new tab or window)

The Corbett Report
Black Vault Radio
The Veritas Radio Show
The Global Reality Show
Mystic Politics Radio


The Secret Right
Evidence Of Revision 1
Evidence Of Revision 2
Evidence Of Revision 3
Evidence Of Revision 4
Evidence Of Revision 5
Evidence Of Revision 6
Codex Alimentarius
Sweet Misery A Poisoned World
WAKE UP CALL Operation Mind Seed
The Money Masters p1
The Money Masters p2
Walmart the high cost of low prices
Orwell Rolls In His Grave
Core of Corruption (in the shadows)
Poisoned by Polonium
The Chernobyl Mystery
Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist
Fabled Enemies
Fabled Enemies Extra's
Guinea Pig Kids (ogm stream)
Psychic spies and remote viewing weapons (ogm stream)
Global Warming or Global Governance?
Occupation 101
Big Bucks Big Pharma - Marketing Disease
Architects of Control
Emperor of Hemp: The Jack Herer Story
Behind The Big News
THX 1138
The Fluoride Deception
Iran is not the problem
Grow your own drugs
The End Of America
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The 4th world war