Rob's Westfield SDV
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Welcome to my Westfield SDV site.

Major updates are listed below - more in depth updates can be found on the build pages - especially on the 2006 and 2007 diary pages.

Update:- Registered, taxed and plated 16/10/2008 - now to drive and tune it! Post-SVA mods started :-)

Update:- SVA test passed 03/10/2008!

Update 23/08/2008 - Yet more SVA prep.

Update 16/08/2008 - More SVA prep.

Update 09/08/2008 - SVA prep.

Update 03/08/2008 - Finally - an update!

Update 13/12/2007 - Work resumes - engine started!

Update 28/07/2007 - Let there be light!

Update 07/07/2007 - Made a start on getting all the lights connected.

Update 30/06/2007 - RAC roll bar fitted.

Update 23/06/2007 - Dash finished.

Update 26/05/2007 - Aeroscreen fitted.

Update 19/05/2007 - Exhaust can fitted.

Update 05/05/2007 - Fuel filler cap fitted.

Update 21/04/2007 - How it looks now (in the sunshine!)

Update 14/04/2007 - Innovate wideband controller wired in.

Update 07/04/2007 - Somewhere to park my butt!

Update 24/03/2007 - Some major dash work.

Update 03/03/2007 - Exhaust manifold fitted.

Update 20/01/2007 - ECU wiring and fitting commenced.

Update 13/01/2007 - Steering rack fitted.

Update 06/01/2007 - Radiator fitted.

Update 16/12/2006 - Front fuel lines fitted.

Update 05/11/2006 - Engine is in!

Update 23/09/2006 - Fuel tank and fuel line fitting complete.

Update 02/09/2006 - Wiring loom complete!

Update 09/09/2006 - Test fitting fuel tank.

Update 19/08/2006 - Sound the Imperial march tune from Star Wars. The fitting of the loom begins. I may be some time!

Update 15/07/2006 - All body panels test fitted and aligned.

Update 10/07/2006 - Body fitting commenced!

Update 02/07/2006 - All brakes/hubs/wheels fitted.

Update 18/06/2006 - All interior panels fitted.

Update 10/06/2006 - The Westfield has landed - check out the build pages!

Thanks:- Big thanks to the people on the FSOC and RHOCAR forums for helping me with my engine rebuild - your all stars!

Update 12/05/2006 - Slight change on the engine front! Check out the this pic and this pic - Suzuki GSXR 750 throttle bodies on a Pinto manifold - I'm going to team them up with a MegaSquirt ECU and learn how to map an engine - should be fun!

Update 06/05/2006:- Donor strip down complete! Check out the build pages to see how it went!

Please have feel free to have a look around this site about my Westfield SDV. Check how the build is going and any problems I have encountered on the build pages. Also, check out the unusual donor car!

If you would like to contact me, please me.

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